Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swinging Showboat Through Christmas And Into 2013

It didn't quite work out the way that I wanted it to, but still not a bad gig to have. I am going to be the dance ensemble cover for Showboat at Houston Grand Opera. In theatre words, I'm the swing.
Good thing:
1. Only three roles to learn. Making my first gig as a swing an easy one.
2. Pay is the same. Still phenomenal.
3. I should get the cherry red granny boots.
4. Lots of space for when I'm getting paid to sit in the dressing room just in case. (See pictures of me in my closet dressing station at the Stage Door. It's so much bigger and better!)
5. Will be with my family for the holidays.
6. Working with a top notch director and a top notch choreographer.
7. Good resume credit.
8. An opportunity to be smarter than Katherine Mcphee's character on Smash. (Not hard to do. She's going to to give theatre people a bad name acting that clueless.)
9. Opportunity to join AGMA.
I had a definite feeling from the audition that the Ellie cover would the middle height of the three dancers. I didn't realize that she would be in the dance ensemble. I should have sung for Ellie. I'm still learning about reading thru the lines on audition notices. But still. Not a bad gig If I may say so. And cherry red granny boots!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Woot!! So ur covering Ellie? Or others? Can't wait to work with u!!!

    1. Just the dance ensemble. So I'm covering Ellie's cover (who is in the dance ensemble. Hahaha. I didn't go in for Ellie's cover. I probably should have. But still, it ain't a bad gig. :)

  2. Hey! Congrats! Swinging can be very rewarding...especially when the pay is the same!