Friday, April 27, 2012

Gold Digging Nuns On Wall Street

Sister Act Tour ECC. Quite often word gets around Equity that they aren't really hiring. Today was one of those days. Only a quarter of the women on the last showed up. They saw us all. And sang no one. It wasn't difficult. It was just a lot of mind tricky hand work. I was in the second to last group. The other three girls included two girls who obviously cam together and had no idea what they were doing and a fresh faced youngster who was very eager. She kept doing the proper step when I (front and center baby) skipped an 8. The other two followed me and didn't know what to do. Their ensuing giggles meant we all got to start over from the beginning with the choreographer. And I felt like a total ass. Oh well. Onward to potential gold digging. I was glad to find that none of us were very good at it, but it was fun to get out with single ladies. We had a good time. And Stone St is super cute! It's also nice to have new girlfriends in New York. Late night diner snacking with the roomie and on home I went to business and Beethoven (I find it makes office work seem tortured and more dramatically artsy when it is accompanied by my favorite of dramatic musicians!) Tom- An early start to an open call. New Jersey Transit does not do well with weekends.

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