Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Cold Outside And Too Darn Hot At The Weathervane

I'm getting into the swing of it. Still not quite on my A game, but not bad. But you also forget when you're away how much auditioning can suck. And why is it cold again? It's almost May! (And I was trying to avoid my laundry. But I have no clean pants. Laundry mat ahoy!) Yesterday I tried to to hit two calls. I was trying for a non union dinner theatre doing Seussical in Ohio. I'v friends who have worked there and currently are working there. The stories have been from downright horror, to I had a good time. Eh. It's a job. They moved so slow with 8 bars that I left to go to a dance call across Times Square. Where they weren't really looking for dancers. It was for another non union theatre but for a huge chunk of their season. They were not looking for Oklahoma ballerinas. Or they thought they could do without them. Which makes me sad for their production. Two auditions no good in one day. Oh well. Went and grabbed food with the always enjoyable Stahcey. And then got home and fell promptly into my bed and fast asleep. The first night in a while without my readjustment insomnia! My body is no longer freaking out about not having a real schedule. Which is great. Today I meant to hit two ECCs, but sleep deprived body didn't like the 7am alarm. They specifically said cheerleaders and I'm not even a 60's cheerleader (Nutty Professor). Slept and hit a 2pm ECC (much better) for Weathervane Rep's summer season. It went well. They have Kiss Me Kate on their season, so we were Too Darn Hotting it. And it was really hot. A furious (and fun) minute long combo that ended with us all falling on the floor. Leaving massive sweat marks. (Or at least I did. I don't know how some dancers stay pretty and clean while I am literally dripping.) We were literally doing several different plays on the jumping jack. My curls were definitely gone and replaced with the wet rat look, but I was happy with how I did. I'm still working on retaining long combos, but it wasn't bad and the style felt good. They're calling/emailing people they want to see sing later on in the week. Which is interesting. They were super nice, and if nothing else, free class. It's the MT dancer's mantra. Not a bad afternoon. It's weird as auditions come up that interfere with my Showboat contract. It's so far away. I had so little time before My Fair Lady it feels weird to have this much time. Weird, but fabulous! Made plans with a few dancer friends for Friday after the ECC. Diane is freshly single, I'm still in denial, and Elizabeth doesn't want to deal with men. (Agreed) And we have all sworn off poor boys.(I like them too much). Plus Diane declared a need for straight non theater men. So we are heading to happy hour on Wall Street after the Sister Act ECC on Fri. It feels gold diggey, but I will do my best to have fun. As always, it's hard to make some of the gay boys look straight. But a ball cap on a gay British chorus boy does not a straight American make. :) And I like the green granny boots. Alot.

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