Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Perils of Panera and Lovely Ladies

Saturday I went to the Singing and the Rain and Gypsy call for the Fulton. I expected to be typed out straight off. I wasn't out until after I danced, which was nice. Seeing who they kept, I wasn't what they were looking for. On I go with my life. Worked a showcase for Chezzam last night. I was a statue. Which I dislike. Especially when it comes with gold face paint. Blegh. Today I met up with the My Fair Lady ladies at Panera. Yum! I didn't realize there was one already open that close to Penn. Which is awesome. It was awesome to see them all, especially Diana and Addie who are heading out on the international tour of West Side Story soon. They will be fierce in Germany! Being there a long while, I committed my cardinal sin from college Panera study days. I drank enough coffee to make me jittery. Which is an achievement. Off to the Beef and Boards call I went on speed. They kept me from the dance cuts. They were on the slow side, but so nice, it was hard to get mad. My coffee crash was occurring, so I had to keep my wired tired energy going. Not being available for the Christmas show, I went for the belt my face off about being slutty (I would be a whore in Les Miz. I accept this. As does my poor father.). They were really looking for the Christmas show, not for Les Miz and 9 to 5, and I committed word vomit explaining my Showboat contract dates. Hopefully they will just chop it up to nerves. Cause otherwise, they will think I am bat shit crazy. Oh well. One of my girlfriends tells the best Les Miz audition horror story. (Correct me if any of these details are wrong Diana). She's an opera signer and super fierce. Bitch went to Eastman which ranks above Julliard. She understands how to werk! She went into a Les Miz call where the lined the girls up and had them flat out belt just "Lovely Ladies" one by one. Which is crazy. Diana opera-ed that shit. Hahahaha. Get it! No job for her, but a great story. "Lovely Ladies!" from London. I think one of them borrowed my cockney hat from My Fair Lady.
Another one down. Eventually, and audition will lead me to another contract. Please occur soon!

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