Monday, May 28, 2012


Today was a gorgeous summer day. I went and played in Central Park. Without an old lady hat. Or sunblock. I am now pink shouldered! I will behave and take my old lady hats in on sunny days. Plus I bought more sunblock. Coppertone for babies! And palesies. I beached my way through an entire bottle in FL. Better late than never? It will be a tough call on wearing very pink shoulders tom. It might be a v-neck audition whether or not it is appropriate. Whoops!My favorite pink tutu. I used to dream about Lauren Anderson prancing around in all that pinkness! Here is Sara Webb's most recent turn in all that pink. Lauren Anderson was a big deal because she was a black ballerina. As an adult, I find the fact that she is barrel chested more amazing than the fact that she was black. Girl has some sparkle on stage, but she belongs in the more muscular group with me. Nor does she possess Sarah Webb's teeny bird bones!

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