Monday, May 21, 2012

I've Got Possibilities! Or Delusions....

Highs and lows. Ups and Downs. It would be hard to recognize on without the other. And thank god the highs generally outrank the lows. Went in for Papermill's A Chorus Line. I literally live down the street from them, and have lousy luck at their ECCs. Blame it one karma. Or New Jersey. They only saw the first 60 non eqs. I was 84. Apparently they needed to spend forever on each group. I should have gone the principal call on Friday but I just couldn't take another day in a studio. I needed my roomie fun day. Possible bright spots: 1. Dames At Sea- Michael Cassara asked me if I tapped at the NYMF call. I have since killed myself trying to figure out which show was classic mt and needed tapping. But he's also casting this in Maryland. And Randy Skinner is working on it. He posted on Actor's Access that they are looking for a non union Ruby. Which I would kill to do. Auditions are late May. Whatever that means. Hopefully I get an appt! Ruby Keeler and I are twinsies!
2. Into the Woods- Public Theatre in the Park. Donna Murphy and Amy Adams. They want a non eq Snow White to double as a dancing harp. What was my last musical role in college? Snow! Sent their snail mail request. Once again. Send me an appt please!
3. Hello Dolly- Cohoes is still coming back for it. I have been working a song since Fireside that reeks of Ermengarde. I already I reeked of her, but just in case they need a little leading. :) It's been so popular of late. I always get a callback. Now I just want to get a job! Rock that parasol! 4. So much fall theatre to go. Something will come up. And they still have to cast the European tour of the Addams Family. I can be pale in Paris and Berlin. And wherever else anyone would like to send me!

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