Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bath Tub Endings

Today was a long day. But in a good way. Too much went on to write a pretty post, so here I give it to you in a list! 1. I got up early (for me) and was on the 7:30 train. Which I forgot was a direct train. A delightful surprise. 2. Got on the dance call list early and got seen in the first group. nOt typed into hotboxdom. Not surprised. 3. Sang well at Backwards, but no go. Garunteed, they have seen me dance, but apparently they found someone yesterday. Oh well. Godbye beach vacay. I apologize to my back for the tap shoes in my bag that I didn't wear. At all. 4. A huge gap til my New York Musical Theatre appointment. Went over with Elizabeth from Broward. Got seen early. Rocked some Kander and Ebb. And then got asked if I tapped. I went into full on Cassie mode. Boy do I tap. Or something like that. Maybe it will come to something. Fingers crossed! 5. Met up with several friends. Tramped around Manhattan chatting and stopping at a bakery. As we always do. 6. Attempted seeing a show with Stacey. Then remembered that everything has 7pm shows now on weekdays. 7. Home for dinner and a heavenly bubble bath. One of my old roomies sent me a bath ball from Lush for my birthday. That, some tunes, a new book, and some twelve year old scotch make for the most heavenly baths on earth. I thought I had an excitingly busy day, but I really don't have any ludicrous stories today. Which is slightly disappointing. If nothing else, please take my bath advice. Bubble bath also works nicely. :) Here's a little something more interesting than my day. Christopher Bruce is one of my favorite choreographers. Totally ahead of his time and he turned Rambert Dance into a fierce fighting force. Here's a bit from Hush. it sounds lame, but it's an amazing peice about a family of clowns. Totally one of my favs! One of my favorite dance teachers in college used to use this album in modern class. Vicky was a treat in the best way possible. Ballet thin and lean, she had danced with Joffrey super young. It didn't take too long for her joints to give out due to Russian ballet abuse, and she soon found her way into post modern dance in the 60s and into science to help her still dance. She was an intriguing and hilarious mix of dippy and smart. She would discuss the science of movement with her short hair pushed back by a baby's headband and her sweatpants held to her sylphlike frame with a little velvet belt. Her classes remain my favorite modern classes to this day. Everything else is just disappointing after fun with Vicky! I got lucky and she used me in a piece of concert choreography that was in some ways similar to Hush. It was also a dysfunctional family,but we had mozart an some hardcore 60s spoken word in the form of a poem. It's amazing how things can be both similar and way different. I was the baby. Hot pink hair bow anyone? :)

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