Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From Tappin' Tots To Today

New York City has been awash in tap shoes of late. I very rarely have worn my taps in NYC, but of late, I am carrying the stupid things around on a regular basis. My back is def not happy. I've felt while tapping my toes off in the past few weeks, that I have lost my style. I started off in my tap shoes at three years old. I begged my mother to let me be a "world famous Tappin' Tot." We weren't actually famous, but as I got older, my life went further away from my taps. I had a ballet period and a modern period. After realizing both that I like to eat and I like to afford to eat, I came back to my tap shoes with musical theatre. (And beyond eating, it is what makes me happiest. It's nice that it is the best bill paying option. Small perks!) Houston isn't a great tap city but I street tapped my way through high school. My college profs thought I should be a concert dancer (I am missing the bleeding artist gene required for that. And as I said before, I like to eat.). I got farther away from Shuffle Off To Buffalo roots. I can see it in audition rooms. So today was a rainy, nasty day that I took for research on two things. Classic tap arms- the tap craze is still going. And on my continual how to make my flat hair look big. Because musical theatre generally likes big hair. So, Fred and Ginger were followed by Fred and Rita. I have total crush on Rita. I would rather be her than Ginger. Even her dancing has and extra flow and sparkle to it that isn't always there in Ginger's. Hence why my hair gets dyed more in that direction. I did this all with velcro rollers in my hair. And later on in the day, a glass of red wine. I feel like I need a cigarette and a housecoat to complete my 50's housewifedom. My roomie said I looked like her Grandma. Great. This is probably one of the best tap duets ever. They werk! I love that Cugat looks so bored when the camera turns on him. Just another day in South America! Hahahaha. :)

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