Saturday, May 12, 2012

From Blondes to Ogres to Lawyers

I've been super busy! Thurs I went to see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at Encores. Which was fierce. My favorite thing to hit NYC. EVER!!!!!! Amazing cast. Excellent concert staging and one of my favorite super hokey musicals. Dorothy is on my play for death or lack of money list (most actors have this list).
Friday was a super busy day. Started off at the Beauty and the Beast call. I can never seem to make the dance call, so I always go into the singer's call and belt when it's not quite right. Oh well. On to the Shrek call which was thankfully at the same studio and the same floor. Change the dress. Once again 8 bars. They asked me to stay and dance. Danced for my life in Duloc and the kept me to tap. Lots of tap dancing mice later, I was the on the short list to get sent sides and songs and come back Monday. Sweet! I always joked that if I went in for Shrek they would keep me. Little did I realize...
Early start today. At the NY State Supreme Court for some background work. A Bitter Pill. And the fastest work I've ever seen on a film set. But the combination of a 645 am call and no coffee at breakfast (which is normally the only thing I have on background breakfast), led to me dozing. The third time Jude Law told the sandwich story on the witness stand, my teensy bit of star struckness had faded into literally nodding off. They filmed an insane amount with good speed and I caught the train home with no wait!
I'm sorry Jude. I was tired. Good news gave me a second wind. Bob had sent me the sides before i hit the train. He was told to send me Fiona. I'm a princess! I got a callback for a Sutton role!!!!! Hahahahaha. And he sent me Gingey too on his own judgement. So I've been singing all evening. Often in a very silly voice. My poor roomie. And because tap dancing mice are always a good ending (and Sutton is a great finale too)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You weren't excited about Jude Law? I would be. tee hee I think he's pretty!

  2. I was, but he was so far away. He does have a really nice voice in person, which surprised. It's much richer than I thought it was!