Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Slow Week So Far...

So I hit up two auditions on Tues. Parallel Exit (dance theatre-y comedic stuff) and Memphis. I got to tap. I felt good in the combo. I like Ray Hesselhink and need to take his class. Bone up on my tappities! Did the Memphis hopscotch (which involves a leg thwack that made the next few days feel really great). And then I went to the Met with Stacey to look at pretty clothes and art. Schiaparelli and Prada went together in a fabulous fashion. The parallels and contrasts made in the exhibit were awesome. Things I learned: I want to be a thirties and forties movie star and wear Schiaparelli's clothes (and then we go out drinking together. Me in the lobster dress. Her in the shoe hat. Talk about how we love hot pink.)
More job hunting. Blah blah blah. Had an "audition" today with Gymboree. They made cuts throughout the afternoon and most of their applicants were very unused to what seems normal to me. They kept me all the way through. And then made a comment about not wanting to hire performers who go out on the road. In which case, you should have looked at the email I sent you before you invited me to audition. Boo. I had a summer camp who urged me to call about a dance job, put me on hold, said they would call me back, and they haven't. Which means I get to call them again tom. Hurrah!
Butt bow! Werk! On another note: I feel really silly that I only just realized this. Donna Murphy already played Rapunzel's witch and now she is doing it in the park. Because she is fierce. Work! Mother does know best! (But children don't listen)
You're a true BAMF when you get your own set of boys. :)

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