Friday, May 25, 2012

Not Rebecca Black's Friday. Thank God.

More adventures in odd job hunting today. Auditions are slow with the holiday weekend. Because nothing memorializes dead soldiers like a barbecue. Or in my case, some job hunting and a bottle of wine. (I'm Irish. We always drink in memorial. Wake!) What mistakes can I make trying to submit for lots of different jobs today? An interesting amount. My favorite: I now live in Jew Jersey. Whoops. Which is pretty offensive. But funny in a very wrong sort of way. Especially since it was for a blogging job, and I have multiple posts about working bar and bat mitzvahs on my blog. Mazel Tov!I always feel like I'm throwing spaghetti at the wall. May something stick. It's absolutely gorgeous again today, which means I am sore, tired, and in advanced state of screen daze from looking at my computer all day and being scared by Craig's list postings. I'm thinking it's time to pull out my big hat and head to the park. Like a true workaholic, I have to remind myself to play. Self reminded, hat on head, keys in pocket, and heading out the door! Ciao!
Ok. Her hat is better than mine. Win to Ms. Hepburn.

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