Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ms. Honeywell and the Indoor Bouncy Castles!

Not a very eventful weekend, but a good one. Friday I went traipsing through Manhattan and museums with the roomie. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time. We soaked up some sun, wandered through the side galleries at the Guggenheim (ramps were closed), and then ran off to the Met were I checked out old furniture and paintings and the roomie explained the exhibit designs to me. The new Islam art wing is fierce! And I kind of want to live there. (Though all of the late 18th cent room from Virginia feel very homey to me. Blood speaks!) Worked a party on Park on Saturday. Of course with it being a gorgeous day, the kids were inside at a birthday party. Manhattan kids have the bouncey castles brought inside near the parent's open bar> I was running arts and crafts. No wigs. No weird makeup. Just a smock. I looked like an elementary school art teacher. My partner in crime christened me "Ms. Honeywell" and then it was time for some Elmer's glue action. We were dubbed not nearly as cool as the characters, bouncey castles (Yes. There was more than one), or the face painting clowns. We had quite a few parents leave drinks and food on the craft tables. My favorite being the full bottle of beer. Much glue and many explanations of Polaroids later, I was done and heading home. And wonked.
Not quite. But close. Today ended up being recuperation. Much needed down time! I hope this weather continues. It's been 70 and sunny, cloudless skies. Just gorgeous! (Plus I don't have any clean pants. Stay warm please!)

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