Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Win Some

Started out yesterday at Addam's Family tour dance call. The choreo seemed interested. She gave me notes before we did the official and had me dance again after I mucked it up trying to take said notes. They asked me to sing and whispered and scribbled through my 16 bars. Then I ran to the next studio for my Shrek callback.
A large part of why I went to the dance call was to ease my nerves before the Shrek call. I felt very out of place in the line of singing ingenues. I had somehow managed to find my way here, but it was getting beyond my faking skills. When I am nervous, I have a tendency to get off voice. In college one prof thought it was worth working on and the other didn't. Unfortunately the one who didn't was the musical theatre prof, so I was never given chances to do anything but dance in musicals at school. The one who did work with me on it did plays, so I did get any opportunity to explore some fabulous new things. I've worked really hard and my audition cuts in my book are solid and comfortable. No problems there. But they had given us large amounts of music that didn't sit in my happy place. Twenty pages and one day to learn it. Go! I did well enough, but that was definitely the end of my Shrek road for now. Who knows what may happen later. I've got the music to work on as a stretch. Since apparently I look fine for it, I can act, I can dance it, just need to work on having a different sort of pipes. It's always good to have something to stretch and work on! I've always been a more traditional girl vocally. Both my belt and my legit are from the wrong time period. Sometimes I can go the distance to a poppier sound, but in general, I am much happier in my period pieces.My dance skills work really well there too. Thank you Houston Ballet. Poor Prof Higgins and happy Courtney! Oh well. The Pippin revival callbacks were also going on that day. Awesome events due to this: 1. Rachelle Rak told me I looked "sassy" in the bathroom. I managed to get out a "You too!" As I drooled in awe. (Her nickname is Sas. Which makes me pee myself even more when I think about it! Diva!) Dear Answers 4 Dancers. That is a killer reel from a killer chick! :) 2. Marin Mazzie sightings
3. I was in the hallway with Jessica Walter. Her holding room was two over from mine! I refrained from telling her how much I loved Lucille Bluth. But just barely.
4. The casting directors were in the elevator discussing "Sherie" and how much they loved her voice. But they were still weighing her against other actresses. I pretended like I was a part of this conversation. I am a dork.
All in all, stretching for a callback and having a series of truly NY moments. Not a bad day. And I got a further callback for the Addams Family tour. I'm going in to read for Grandma today. And that is def in my character actor happy place. Whoop!


  1. I'm sorry, but I just have to ask: Jessica Walter was there for the Addams Family tour? Or was that at Shrek?

    1. She was there for the Pippin revival. She's def beyond nonunion tours. :)

    2. That's why I asked - it just didn't sound right. Thanks!