Monday, May 7, 2012

Party Like It's Your First Communion!

So it's been a slow week. Creating resumes and cover letters for summer j-o-b-s. That evil thing that we all try and avoid. Somehow s-h-o-w sounds much better! Last night I was working a party. It turned out to be a first communion party. That could have paid my rent for a long time. As Candace and I discussed, first communion meant one thing-a pretty dress. I wore my white Felicity dress and was more excited about coming home, ditching my viel, and putting on my mob cap and straw hat. Obviously, I was not planning my wedding in second grade. I was instead wanting to work at Colonial Williamsburg. Preferably as close to the ginger cakes as possible! For years, I have tried to duplicate that recipe at Christmas. Somehow they are never quite the same. Probably has something to do with my modern day oven. As the old cliche goes, when it rains it pours. Tom I have two appts and an open dance call. Woo! At least none of them are at the dreaded NOLA.
Matching your doll was the hieghth of second grade sophistication. I was always OK with my baby blues, but I lusted after her ginger hair (and still do). Especially since a pretty close match of my dad's hair prior to the stress of three rambunctious children. I'm genetically ginger. But actually brown.

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