Monday, June 4, 2012

To Coney and Beyond!

Chezzamed it up Saturday. Alter egos this weekend included Snow White, Ariel, the Genie, and Supergirl. Lots of sequins, safety pins, and wig fix ups later, I was back home and exhausted. But it is nice to be making money! Sunday I went to Coney Island with Elizabeth, which was a blast. Best moment: spontaneous rainstorm and we're way out far away from the shelter. Too windy for umbrellas, so were wet and laughing. All in all, our first trip to Coney was a success. Even if we refrained from eating hot dogs at Nathans. (The Cyclone is much smaller than the old Texas Cyclone at Astroworld. Everything is bigger in Texas!) Hair tour auditions today. I could tell the moment I stepped in the room, they were not interested. Sixteen bars of "Paint It Black" later, and I was out the door without callbacks. I was happy with how I did. I would make a decent Jeannie, but they are some straight out peace children out there. And I exist in dead white people land. No granny boots no go! Out the door and uptown to an interview for a dance teaching postition with a day camp at St John the Divine. Super gorgeous church facilities and they were really nice. It went well. It makes me laugh when I get comments on my skimpy resume. I am 23 years old. I stayed at the same job for four years. What else is my resume supposed to look like? I wish it was about your work not about your resume. It's silly! Guilty admission: I watched Breaking Pointe. It made me want to watch Turning Pointe and flounce around in pointe shoes. I had hoped I had outgrown this need for but ruffles. Put on my granny boots! Make tutu envy go away. I have petticoats, and bustles, and jaunty hats!!!!! I'm just as glamorous as a ballerina! Or not. Fuzzy, artsy photos do not make glamour out of jaunty cockney smudges. Nor does wiping your nose on your sleeve and loudly snorting. I miss cockneyland! Hitting up a Pippin call tom. It's a regional production. I love Pippin. It had some hit parade hits which is pretty crazy being after 1960, but it feels so 1970 something. Which means a lot of people try and reinvent. Chet Walker is working on the production in MA that is supposed move to Broadway. Their update involves not just being chorus kids. Now they are fire breathing, contortionist chorus kids. Pippin was the first show with a triple threat chorus. Before then it was two separate choruses. Is it going somewhere else inventive? We shall see. Not a production I will never be in, but still could be really cool. The production looking tom has an idea about a more rockish show? We shall see what they mean. I will still show up in my jazz cut black leo, fishnets, and granny boots. Because I can. Mr. Vereen back in his glory days. He no longer moves this quickly, but he sounds and gestures about the same. He just anoints you with sacred oils before the show now. Skip to about 3:45. Because all anyone ever wants to see is the Manson trio. Because everything is better with Charles Manson! Enough back bumps for you? I hope I get to do some tom!

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