Thursday, June 14, 2012

Puss In Boots: Or How I Learned To Cat Can

Everything seems to come in spurts. My life was not spurting, and now it is exploding. I had an interview with a temping agency. It went will and they are willing to use me. Still talking with telemarketers. Interview with a day camp tom. And I had more callback fun today. I went in for Can Can today. Or as I like to think of Cat Can. (I was Puss in Boots. Hahahaha.) One of the most entertaining director/choreographers is working on it. He is the world's foremost expert on Cats (or so I like to think). He always sets the tour. He is the only reason I show up to the tour call. Cause I don't fit Cats. And don't really want to do Cats for that long (biggest reason for this: the unitards. Unitards are twiggy people's revenge.) I'm not a Jellicle and I won't. But he cracks me up an he's ridiculously nice, so I go. Today with Cat Can, there were several cattish moments in the choreo. He kept me to sing after we danced. Score. 8 bars went well. Then he had me do fouette turns and turns in second. Holy hell! Thank God for one of my favorite accompanists playing impromptu music to help make it less awkward (and for those times when Amy did Houston Ballet torture fouette training with us.) Muscles that were definitely out of practice. Fouettes from a pro! Mine don't look like that. At all. And granny boots are much more comfortable. Heels over pointe shoes any day! Somehow mine were good enough to keep me to read. Or a sang well enough to make up for it. Without a reader, they used the world's most awesome and entertaining accompanist in the flirty French scene. He was game! Got a "nice job today" and we were all done. Hopefully it can mean a job. That would be amazing. If it doesn't something will come. I've had too many callbacks of late. In honor of my friends on the West Side Tour "Who knows. Could be...." Fingers crossed and onward ho! Boots and butt ruffles! These are a few of my favorite things!

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