Monday, June 25, 2012

New Jobs And Busy Days

Two first days in a row. Got a text last minute saying there was a sicky on the Chicago promo team. I took her shift. I now have my own pair of super sexy red tights (note sarcasm). It wasn't the most awful thing I've done. I took lots of pictures with tourists, first name out of my mouth when someone asked my name was "Venezuala" (which isn't a even a name). I got complimented on rocking my ivory white skin. (Like that is a decision I get to make. I thought I was born with it!) Plus I heard some really bad pick up lines. All in all, it was much better than being a strolling human table (why rich people want a girl in the middle of their desert table, I do not know.) and it paid better. If I keep to shorter shifts (some of the girls will work 9 hour shifts. 7 hours was on the too much side) and avoid dehydration, I can stomach it enough to make my income much more comfortable. Reality of this photo: I'm bored and entertaining myself. On the other page, had my first day of camp today (much easier). It was surreal how small my classes were. I had to scale down my little combo (Life's A Happy Song). We got through the half tempo grapevine and trucked it a little. Didn't make it through to three step turns. I will save those for after their audition. It's amazing how difficult they are at first. But they'll pick it up and get super excited. Freeze dance is still popular up North. I don't mind. It makes my life easier. I just have to give them a way to dance and pause and play the CD player. They're happy. I'm happy. Stretching is not at that point yet, but we will get there. Time heals everything. April August. (Mack And Mabel. Check the show out if you don't know it. It rocks!) I had dinner with my dad tonight. He had a Newark overnight. He always buys me a good meal and a beer (and quite often a bottle of Scotch) and brings me coffee beans and chocolate. True love! (If you add shoes) Busy chica needs to head bed to start all over again tom. Ciao!

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  1. My little kids LOVED freeze dance. It was their favorite thing. Btw I love those red tights!