Saturday, June 23, 2012

Turning Down A Show :(

I got an offer yesterday for Guys and Dolls. It's with a choreographer I want to work with and a theatre I would love to work for, but now isn't the time. The pay is not great, it's last minute notice as far as finding a subletter goes, and I just signed a contract somewhere else. I'm sure the JCC would make it work, if I chose to run off, but I would have a problem with my own conscience. Good old Catholic guilt! Right now I'm finally at a place where I have the jobs to stay afloat in the city, but I'm fresh hire at all of them. And I let my bank account get way too low. I want to get some work under my belt and money back in my account before I take another low paying gig. It sucks and it felt really weird. I turned down the contract. After I sent out my no thanks email, I was totally down. I know it's not my last chance. I have another contract in Dec that's amazing. There is still this fear of not having another show. I've been getting great feedback post My Fair Lady. Lots of callbacks. I should have been able to sleep last night! With Monday and the start of lots of work, I should be less neurotic. Hopefully Can Can will offer me a contract. Even if they don't I know that I booked three shows and quite a few gigs in my first year in New York. Not too shabby! I can do this and I can survive in between contracts.

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