Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Irving Berlin, 93 Degrees Is Not A Tropical Heat Wave

We are currently having one hell of heat wave. Hell is not firey, it is instead New York City when it's one hundred degrees outside. Hot and nastey! The stink and the dirt seems to magnify and the subway is beyond unpleasant. Which makes me glad I live out in the burbs. And work somewhere with air conditioning. I've been in and out of planning meetings and juggling my jobs. Which is great fun. At least they feed me at work ll the time. In summers past, I have lived off tuna fish and apples when I taught at camps. Now it will be whatever they supply, or I can just bring in tuna fish and apples. I got a beautiful big bag of apples at the farer's market in Union Square the other day. Nothing says New York like carrying cheap and taste fruit in a canvas bag. Especialy if it is a Book of Mormon bag. :-) Jack Cole, Irving Berlin, and Miss Monroe's wonderfully silly idea of a heat wave. She almost plus the hat off. If it will drop the temp to 93, I will gladly put this in my book! Auditions have been super sparse, whih helps me cover any qualms bout taking the gig camp. And noe one has heard anything about Guys and Dolls out at Cohoes. Methinks I made the right decision! Chilling out with Popsicles and South Pacific on the old tube. Debating the Laduca once a year sale on Sat. Will it be worth it? Dunno. We shall see!

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