Thursday, June 28, 2012

Newsies with My Newsies

We took the kids to see Newsies yesterday. They had a master class first with one of the Newsies. The kids are sweet, smart, and fairly left footed, so they did the choreo with enthusiasm. We're still working on accuracy and picking things up faster. Especially with my itties! Overall, I was underwhelmed by Newsies. It will run for a long while. It's family and tourist friendly. You always loose cinematic qualities from screen to stage, and it was a valiant but not entirely successful attempt to keep that sweeping feel. The three story high fire escapes that moved freely were a little wobbly and reminded me of West side Story. The love story they added wasn't quite necessary or as well written as the rest of the show (though the cast did give it their all). The cast made some great and very solid choices that helped to make up for the problems with the book. The choreo was so You Think You Can Dancey- which the kids loved- but it didn't quite do it for me. There was a very limited vocabulary of movement when there could have been so much more! The spoons tap break in King Of New York was by far my favorite bit of choreo. Plus it cleverly helped set up the deli beyond the few tables and chairs they threw onto the stage. All in all it wasn't my favorite show, but it was miles above Spiderman!plus, the kids are super excited to work on Seize the Day for their showcase. Which makes my job much easier! I've got my Porgy and Bess comp in my hands, and I'm off to the theatre. Even promo work has it's perks if work for the right company. :-)

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