Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Visit, Callbacks, and Food: Apparently I Love Food. Which Is Probably Why I'm Not In Ballet.

My dad had a Newark overnight last night. So I picked him up, showed him my digs (which I had cleaned within an inch of their life that morning), and then we went out for dinner. I have not eaten so well in a long time. And he replenished my Scotch! My nice bottle of birthday Scotch is almost gone and I am feeling poor, so it was very appreciated. And I like to see my dad. I like my parents. They're fun. :) (And he reads this) He suggested that I start a second "fantasy" blog that would become more of a book. Take the audition nonsense and spin. He even said the words "romance novel." Smash the blog? Except for I would be funny on purpose (hopefully) and my fantasy casting skills would be way better. Kat Macphee or Uma Thurman as Marilyn? Really? But now the bee is in my bonnet. Do I stick with what I know? Do I make this shit absolutely outrageous? Would anyone actually read it? (I said that about this. I started this to avoid recapping nothing but auditions to my family. But since there is very little in life besides auditions, it is still inevitable! I went to a call today for a theatre that likes to hop in and out of the city. It was their third time here for Guys And Dolls and second time for Hello Dolly (I will do it somewhere!). I missed the first call cause I was in Florida. At the second, the choreographer was in Florida. He had been in the show in the smaller house at the Stage Door (He did some fierce tap dancing!). I went to the dance call and didn't get kept. Today, it was just a singer's call and then callbacks from their last trip in town. They had me come back and dance. Lo and behold, he was back. Smile, wave, recognition, and I got kept to the end. For once in my life, I was that girl who knew someone. Which is tacky. But boy it felt good. Plus, I killed the choreo with a big smile and one helluva shimmy! It was a great day with a big Panera break with a friend during lunch. I found some Ghiradelli coffee in my cabinet this morning. It is much better than crack. Domingo Ghiradelli is my favorite Italian man ever. Thank you for coming to America, and making my life beautiful with chocolate and coffee. "These are a few of my favorite things." Then, some tastey leftover snapper for dinner. (I like to put an e tastey instead tasty. It seems yummier to me, but spellcheck hates is. I am taking the liberty to spell tastey the way I want to. Just know that it means so much more than if you leave that e out. It means I savored. Over an e.) So even though it rained, and I didn't have an umbrella, today was a great today. And so was yesterday. Plus being rain soaked on the train home covered my usual sweat look. Though the sweat look was still there if you looked hard enough... :) The key to my heart. Chocolate and coffee.

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