Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Flurry Of Activity!

I'm quite sure I've written it five million times (which is of course a fabulous exageration), when it rains, it pours, hails, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. Which is oh so lovely! Interviews have been all over my schedule. Successful interviews with a temp agency,a summer camp,and a theatrical promotion company now mean I have an insane amount of jobs for a while. The summer camp is super close to my apartment. Just a short jaunt through the nearby nature reserve (my best drive to work ever!) at a nearby JCC. The staff is fabulous, the program great and small, right up my progressive alley, and we take the kids into NYC for a master class and Broadway show every Wed. I get to see theatre and get paid for it! Thirty kids who like theatre should make my job easy and wonderful. Maybe I can even sneak in some Scottish Highland dance via Brigadoon. Get out my kilts! Hahahahaha. I'm still in shock that they wanted me! Their last dance teacher had Broadway credits. Now they have me. Hurrah! I also have the temp agency and the promo crew. I am beyond employed. Which is amazing! Hopefully, Can Can will work out too. I'm on a winning streak. Why not? It's a show I would love to do and a director I have a super secret (no longer since I posted it on the web) adoration for. Such sweetness is absolutely amazing in the crazy world of theatre. It should be treasured. As should his V-necks. My celebratory bottle of wine is uncorked. My mom is coming for a visit soon. And I am a super happy and busy beaver. Figuring the world out one adventure at a time. One's twenties should be an adventure, and mine are proving to be so on a regular basis! Students of mine from Houston camps past. A dance fit for the divas they were. :-)

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