Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Typical Tuesday

Headed out to a Music Man call today. Wrote the wrong Pearl Studios down and ran into the director and choreographer duo from Can Can. Some hellos and how are yous, and then across the street I went. This theatre wanted jr. high young on their teens. They cut cast sizes down at this theatre and get really exact on what they want. I was happy with how I danced and they cut me. Oh well. I will find other ways to work in Florida again! My past record was about one in fifty on booking auditions. Have to get through those next forty or so auditions before I find my next one. Hopefully I can keep working on bringing that number down! Doing some cleaning this evening after grocery shopping. Planning those lunches for those long two show days out in Westchester. Plus my rents are coming for a visit and to come see Can Can. Now to bleach to bathtub! (While I watch the Big Lebowski in the background. I'm a classy broad!)
Tom it's back to Westchester and fun times in Paris. May we have many buses awaiting our arrival!

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