Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NJT Train Tails

It was a wet and blustery day. You know, one of those fall days that makes you long for sunshine or just an excuse to stay home. For young Gus, the opposite was true. The wind was blowing the rain into his little but normally cozy home. And there was nothing that Gus hated more than wet feet (After all, he did have four of them!). So he set out in search of a warmer and dryer spot. Skipping along through the puddles (Gus was a very optimistic little fellow), he stumbled (literally) upon a train yard. Low and behold, the rear car of one of the trains had an open door. He could see the warm dry seat by the door, so he snuggled up in it for a nice nap. Soon the train began to chug slowly along as Gus snored his heart out in the warm heat of the "Quiet" car. Other soggy passengers began to board the train, heading to work in the big city. Suddenly the scent of one of their breakfasts reached Gus' drowsing nose. That croissant had some mean smelling chedder cheese on it. He made a jump for it. His seat mate squeaked as she saw him. "There's a mouse!" Never have I seen so many loafers and pumps lift off the ground so quickly. Thank you Gus for an amusing commute this morning. And for not going after my cranberry muffin. (Audition stories will come tom. This was too good to lump or leave!)

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