Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fatty Muffins, Tokyo, and Sarcastic Captions

On my way into the city this morning, I stopped by neighborhood bakery for a muffin and coffee. I have a slight addiction to their cranberry muffins. When they Starbucks and Dunkin gift cards run out (as they have), I go back to bribing myself with muffins. Today, I got asked a bizzare question. Did I want a low fat muffin? Apparently the look of disgust and confusion was so evident on my face, that she laughed and grabbed me a full fat muffin. Which is how muffins should be! Went in for Tokyo Disney today. Sang well. Got a very polite thank you. No biggie. There are always other fish in the sea! Plus I got free entertainment walking home in the form of a skinny young man with big, silver headphones who decided to slide down the train station railings like Mary Poppins on a Bannister. He had no idea of how entertained I was! Here are some of the Can Can promo shots. I just can't refrain fom sarcastic captioning (even though I know I should). Staged productions photos are always bizzare!
"Gorgeous girls of Can Can" It totally looks like we were drinking on the clock and Pistache found out. Whoops! And the kicks and the feathers. Cause there are certain thingas you just have to do in Can Can!

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