Friday, July 20, 2012

A Busy Maiden Typical of France!

Another busy week. Took my dad to see Porgy Tues night. Once again, I cried, laughed, and had a grand old time. Much grander than I had with kids the next day at Nice Work. Which was not so nice. It was an odd cobbling of old Gershwin tunes arranged around a cast of names with minimal thought or care. Broderick is not a Gershwin leading man, and I am very tired of his Ferris Buehler game. Especially when you can see the receding hairline from way up! Plus, he doesn't dance. Kathleen Marshall worked around him, but Erin Dilly (who was in during Kellie O'Hara's working vacay)showed him up.She's fierce and it is good to see her working! Overall, I had been expecting a show as thought out and beautifully cast as herh Anything Goes was last year. Or even as brilliant as Ken Ludwig's new Gershwin musicals with Randy Skinner and Kathleen Marsall. Lots of awesome dance numbers! Instead it was a quick cobble together of names and Gershwin tunes. Which sells well to a largely geriatric audience. I'm sure my rain fidgety kids didn't help my criticalness. Nor did the child with some severe stanky foot smell. Erin Dilly years ago at the Alley Theatre. She werks!
The kids showcase went up yesterday. After a long day of runs, they did a good job. I came home to tax forms, contracts, and my Can Can script. Which perked me back up. First number of the show is the can can girls defending themseleves in court. "We are maidens typical of France." Which is awesome. I stayed up way too late working on it. So I'm hitting the hay early tonite. I have to sleep some before I go promo all day. Two short shifts with a break in between. Ruby slippers in the morning. Red tights in the evening. And money to pay the bills!

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