Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shows and Silver Shoes!

Took the kids to see Ghost today. There is a very good reasoning it is closing soon. It's lousey. Most of the problems with it are the creative team's, not the casts. There will be some talented kids back in the audition game soon. Like Spiderman, the problem with bringing in pop songwriters, and mtvers is they don't know how to bring the music and dance out of the plot. They just feel it is time for a song and it ought to include a dance. Which creates a bad stereotype of musical theatre. In this case, it was also made worse by a sreenplay writer pretty much putting movie dialogue on stage. Which doesn't work. What works on film with closeups and the ability to capture the eyes, doesn't work on a big stage. Even with lots of projectors and shiny lights. But enough about Ghost. Onto the important things!
Capezio has cut down on their output of theatrical shoes with Laduca picking up some much of their business. I scored a blackpair and silver pair on eBay. At least one pair needs to become tap so I can throw out my jenky heel less Manhattans. Do they both become taps?Or do I leave one pair as regular heels? My current heel count is 1. black granny boots 2. tan capezios 3. squishy black laducas 4. a pair of the good old bloch splitflexs in black with a strap in need of repair. What to do. What to do!

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  1. Whatever you do, I'm in love with those silver heels. Love.

    And it's really unfortunate that these new musicals are coming out and just aren't being put together the way they should be. I mean, I KNOW there are beyond-talented people out there who could make them work--where are they?