Sunday, July 29, 2012

Old People Feet

Sometimes as a dancer or an actor, one puts heavy demands on your body. I'm used to stiffness, soreness, and odd swelling. But promo work puts a whole new level of swelling on my feet. Work currently has only one pair of size 7 character heels that have seen better days. After two days of long shifts in the rain and beating sunshine, my feet have also seen better days. I've been wrapping my feet to try and reduce the swelling. Last night I slept with my feet elevated. I am loathe to ice bathe them like dance marathoners in days of old. It just sounds like more pain until you get the numb. Today I broke down and used the Fosse method: Bengay. It's a warm up and pain relief in one. Plus you smell fabulous. Like mentholated old person. Bengay and some pinot noir. I unwind like a champion!

1 comment:

  1. I liked putting my feet in a bucket of ice water while I was at Joffrey. It was intense for the first couple minutes but then it just felt really good and my feet went back down to a normal size.