Saturday, July 14, 2012

Muppet News Flash

As has been my trend, I have been absurdly busy. Saw Peter and the Starcatcher with the kids. It was phenomenal. And there was tons of word play. Malaprops? I'm totally there. There were a couple of them where the awkward only a few people got it chuckles ensued. Add pirates, tranny mermaids, and a greasepaint stache and I am so there!
Saw End of the Rainbow for promo work. Was less impressed. It will be a great regional theatre show for tiny houses with geriatric audiences, but it is not a Broadway quality play. Always, Judy Garland. Except for she wasn't as much fun as Patsy Cline. The writing was also uneven. The playwright and director couldn't decide what to make Mickey Dean out to be. And with it being a show about Judy, he ended up being a bizarre mix of things and the catalyst for most of the action. Not quite right. The performances were good. And the costumes included a double breasted, bell bottomed blue velvet pant suit for Mickey. The blue hair and the gays weeped openly at the end of the show. They were more entertaining than the show at times. It should be an interesting promo to work. Judy is a tough sell if you are under 60.
In non theatrical news, my fridge has died. I have called my landlord and left a message. Trying to get up the balls to clean out the really jenky smelling spoiled things. Of course this occurred after I went grocery shopping Thursday, so it's going to cost me. I've put on Cat Ballou, thrown a handkerchief over my hair, and I'm thinking about the cleaning fun. The more I delay, the worse it will get. So I better hop to it! (And my landlord needs to call me back quick!) I just have to remind myself, it can always get crazier!

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