Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life Is Better With Penguins

So working 7 days a week makes me a bad blogger. I had mixed feelings this week about the stage version of Mary Poppins, celebrated July 4th by being lazy and chilling with the ever fabulous Stahcey, crammed lots of choreo into little heads, got sick, and spent the weekend schlumping about Times Square in Chicago drag. Today I did all of the Manson Trio from Pippin while entertaining myself and handing out promos. Wrong show but who knows. I pull out lines and dances from Sweet Charity on a regular basis. Why not Pippin? My problems with Mary Poppins include 1. No tap dancing penguins 2. No fox hunt 3. They rewrote my role so it was no longer one I would play Sister sufferagettes unite! 4. No I love to laugh which means no flying bankers. Laughter didn't cure everything! 4. Most of the new songs were OK but not as tuneful as the ones they cut out 5. Naked statues coming to life seemed vaguely pervy. Probably because the giant fig leaf over the crotch was very eyecatching 6. The umbrella handle didn't talk 7. There was never a cohesive dance break. Like the script and constantly moving set, the choreo seemed to have ADD. Lay off the pixie dust and give me toe touches over chimneys! Do over the log over your broom. The Newsies down the street will teach you how. 8. Mary didn't wear the white dress with the red corsalet. Which I have lusted after for years. 9. They cut the politically incorrect talking segments of supercal. Come on. Its funny to have a fat lady and a tiny man as a couple. Especially when she hits him over the head with a tambourine!Forgive for my laxness with penguins, Bert, and Mary in my favourite outfit!

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