Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Spa Evening Corkey Style!

I worked a long weekend.There were some new weird pressures at work, I worked a long split shift, and Sunday was be an a-hole in Times Square day. Another first day of new kids at camp, and I was dragging. I did a little tap therapy during my break. My keeping the eight is really rusty. Put that down on my list of things to work. Anyways, I decided I needed some home spa fun. In college, I tried one of June Havoc's dance marathon remedies. While I have yet to try the ice bathnumbing, I have done the olive oil. It stops the Okie dries without peeling all of my calluses off. Thru the danger of stumble upon, I have seen a variety of bizzare DIY beauty treatments that involve honey. Apparantly it's a natural anti inflammatory. I mixed honey and love oil together, zapped it, and slatheted all over my tired, slightly sunburnt body. Washed it off after about half an hour. I feel better. The Italian kitchen scent washes off quickly. I don't know if it actually did anything. It was me time with a cup of licorice tea, some almond coconut chocolate cookies (Peperidge's Farms ate good but I will have to make my own when the fridge is fully fixed), and MASH reruns. I feel better all ready. And it was def within my budget!

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