Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fingers Crossed And Feet Bare

I'm going to jump the gun. I haven't ironed out details and contracts, but today work was so lousey I have to pretend like it's all a go. And eat cookies (though eating cookies isn't as a very unusual occurence. I listened to Cookie Monster's wisdom as a child and have heeded it as an adult.) This way my mantra of "18 days" was not a lie. Fingers crossed that it was reality (and that I will manage to stop singing "You're never fully dressed without your pants.") Here is a link to Emotion Dance Ensemble's website. Check it out. Or you could eat cookies. Either will help improve my day. This is an old promo video for the project I'll be working on. Starting the country music before I hit Texas. Back to barefoot concert work and no granny boots at all. Maybe I can sneak them in. Or wear my kicker boots!q

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