Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Instead of Sheep

So with the end of the show, I'm back at the grind. I thought I would get a good chunk of promo work with my return, but instead got scheduled for five hours a week. Which don't pay for nothin'! So sending out more job apps, talking to temp agencies. Those fun things. I probably should refrain from saying I'm employed in another city in less than two months, but businesses around here know the score. If they don't already have a high turnover rate, they don't want to add actors to the mix. I don't blame them. Amongst the search for the next job and the panicky ramen noodle eating, I find the body clock switch to be hard. You're used to slow mornings, perhaps a matinee, and then no holds barred evening show, which is way different than most schedules. Getting up for a job at 7 or having to be on a set at 630 feels like living hell. (Mild exaggeration unless there is no coffee at crafty. In which case it is hell). Working from home, I find I work the best from 8 to 12. PM. Which does not help sleeping schedules even if it got things done. Fingers crossed for the future and taking it one day at a time. When I start to panic about the little things, I just have to remind myself of how lucky I truly am. I booked four shows in my first year in New York and managed to make money teaching and dancing at parties in between shows. I have an awesome beginning at becoming part of the "tribe" of performers, techies, and other theatre folk, and I have an amazingly supportive family (who also happens to be going in a nutsier direction. (I look nuts next to my engineer and accountant relatives but not next to pastry school, the oboist, and my baby brother who wants to be a stormchaser. Flying into hurricanes or playing lets pretend and sing and dance for a living? Equally crazy.)Count those blessings as only Rosemary can!

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