Saturday, October 20, 2012

19 With Plenty Of Bengay

So in between my rock and my hard place, I have found myself working promo an insane number of days this week. Auditions are slow/for shows I am unavailable for, so I have taken lot of sickees shifts. Take the work when I can get it. Making the perpetual Bengay feet better was a message on my answering machine. I'm off hold for "Cash." Contracts and details still have to be worked out, butI have high (and hopefully realistic) hopes. Thank heaven. (For little girls. I can't help it. That phrase always becomes a "Gigi" moment.) So now I can work as much as possible with a very clear end in site. I just need to figure out getting my car back to Houston for "Showboat."19 days til I'm back to working my favorite way!
(I'm skipping my original comment about vanishing scent Bengay being no fun. Much funnier spellcheck doesn't believe in Bengay and keeps adjusting it to Be gay.)

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