Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sometimes It Takes You By Suprise

Back on the hustle, and I got a big surprise today. I hit up two ECCs, and they surprised me. First was Tuck Everlasting. Totally working a quirky contemporary dream ballet. But they didn't have their own music yet, so it was to "Out of My Dreams" and right up my alley. I felt really good about it. They aren't calling anyone back until Nov. Onto Millie ot at Papermill. I did all right but I wasn't happy with it. I got cut. At least it was quick. Lord knows there are five million gorgeous showgirl tappers in New York. I always look like a small spunky mutt amongst the greyhounds. Oh well. Back to my granny boots and high kicks.I've got an interview tonite with a call center, a dance audition tom for a project in Sacremento, then I'm off to Chicago for an audition with the Lyric Opera and some r and r with an old college roomie. I spent my college career singing "O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A." Maybe I can finally get paid to sing it. (Let it be noted that this show involves boots, can can dancers, and petticoats. Which seems to be all of the shows that I book.) Fingers crossed and ever optimistic! We floozies enter about ten minutes in. This is a recreation of the DeMille choreo (like the lyric will be doing) but hopefully they will replace those hooves with boots! (And me)

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