Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Like Sacramento in Nov

So yesterday I went for a dance show based off Johnny Cash's life. Somewhere in between concert dance and a musical. I think. Details weren't real specific on the posting but I gleaned what I could from the company's website. Turnout was tiny. They said they were hiring two girls. I was in the final five. Apparently there is some singing, so the last thing they did was sing us all. The notice had said country, but my country song is from college and rusty as hell. One of my belty songs sounds like a salooon, and belting is country, so I went for it. The music director like it and gave e a fierce as he handed my music back. Hurrah for Ethel and Liza belting for gay men! All five of us were drastically different, so it will just depend on who best fills their gaps. General consensus of the tail enders- Sacramento sounds much better than New York in Nov! I agree. Made it to Chicago early this morning for some r and r with old friends and Oklahoma auditions. I've got my card and my granny boots and I'm ready to go!
My baby brother playing rugby 7s for Texas A and M this weekend. He's the dirty blonde one. He gets a picture because he actually read something I posted. I think. And it's a funny picture. Love you boo bear! :*

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