Monday, October 15, 2012

Put On Hold?

So I just got an offer from Sacremento. I sh. They are having problems with their housing situation and want to put me "on hold." I'm going to ask some more questions, get the details, and make the decision. I'll prob say yes, just because I can always still turn them down if they want me and it doesn't work that last minute for me. No contracts. Just an email. Though the latest devolpment with the "Rebecca" debacle makes me vervous. Read about it here! So people are scummy. And I am always nervous. Also got any email from a web series to come in for an audition. They were looking for someone Kat Denning I sh. Of course they wanted to see me. Hahaha. Well, I'm off to Lyric Opera to put on my granny boots and dance my big old butt off. Hopefully it results in a job. Not in being put on hold.

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