Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sarah's Choice: A Tale of Hurricane Sandy

She had to have it. Two days of being stuck in the house. The plate of muffins was only half eaten, but they no longer fulfilled her. Nor did the bags of frozen vegetables, the Greek yogurt, or the bizzare varieties of cheeses sitting and waiting in the forbiddingly black fridge. What she wanted was a thin crispy crust of delight. Covered in oozy cheese and just waiting to be folded in half and devoured. Screw the hurricane. Her destiny was pizza. Trying to get thru the shoddy phone lines, she cannot reach Dominos. The internet tells her nothing. Crawling over her room mates half packed suitcase, she gazes out the window. Is the mob up and running the pizza joint across the street? Jumping over the suitcases, she grabs her phone and dails the elusive number on the awning. Once again, the phone fails her. It looks open, but is it? Dare she brave the lack of winds, rain, and cold for just the possibility of the cheesy god across the street? The debate with herself gets intense. Pizza or the promise she made to her fiance to stay inside? Who is really her true love? The panic moves back to the kitchen. The big black doors open and close again. Then to the pantry with a fury. She irritatedly grabs a bag of popcorn and throws it into the microwave. The cheese she will place on it won't replace her cheesey and delicious true love. It is merely a second choice. The true tragedy of the hurricane blinks from across the street. It declares "Pizza." A taunt or a challenge? Or possibly just an expired dream.


  1. Hahaha. Thanks. That girl loves her pizza!

  2. If the dancing gig doesn't work out, you could make it as a writer! LOVE IT!!!