Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Epiphanies in Space: David Bowie Optional

Being back in New York after my trip to Chicago has been a series of strange epihpanies. I've been in and out of New York for about a year and a half now. At first I felt ashamed of being another actor in New York City. I told people who asked that I was a grad student, like my lovely room mate. I was ashamed. And I shouldn't have been. In Chicago, I caught a preview of a new stage adaption of "Trainspotting" that one of my old college friends had worked on. He did a beautiful job as the assistant director. It was masterfully done. From the staging, to the actors, and the design elements. Even the script was better than many plays you run across in NY. In it's own way, it was even oddly Hipster commercial. But the entire company (except the director) was nonunion. Which means the pay scale was lousy. Which is absurd. There was a skill set and some hardcore balls (literally in quite a few cases) being shared and unearthed with the small but appreciative audience.
(The cast of "Trainspotting: USA") Today, after temping at the New York Historical Society and answering a number of questions about my profession to my very sweet and energetic superior, I went to see Jersey Boys. I'm promo-ing it in Times Square for the next few weeks. The producers are picky about their baby, and they should be. It's pretty decent for a big Broadway jukebox show. But it's just as decent as the dedicated cast and crew in Chicago giving their all to "Trainspotting: USA." Only the talents are more valued and paid for in NY. Which brings me back around to my New York epiphany. Here, my skill sets our valued. I can and will make a living. It won't always be the best. I'll be a gypsy on a regular basis. But I will be in a community that values and supports what I do. That pays me for what I do. Which is awesome. And now I step off my soap box preaching. Some silliness to take away from my soapbox.

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