Sunday, October 7, 2012

To My Can Canners

Another one bites the dust. I closed Can Can today. I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable cast and crew I have worked with so far. As one of my fellow Can Canners declared "I feel like my next cast will suck because this one was so amazing." (slight paraphrasing) We did one last matinee kicking and belting for Jesus and then went on to one of the cast member's gorgeous apartments in the Upper West Side for a little unwinding and some partying. Jazz, booze, food, and an all around good time. Sending all my love to the crew at Westchester. They were starting the changeover for Fiddler before we even left the building. They work so hard and are so amazing. Kisses to get you through this sleepless week. And kisses to everyone involved with Can Can. It' not goodbye, it's au revoir! (And that was a hokey line said with sincerity, love, and a French accent that keeps sounding rather Bavarian.)

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